Sea Salted Caramel Drinking Fudge Sachet

There is a reason why we are all Sea Salted Caramel crazy these days: that silky sweetness classily countered by a crisp, salty bite simply works. Transfer to an indulgent fudge drink, refine the balance to perfection and it's no surprise that this is a best seller. Enjoy blended with milk or a dairy-free alternative of your choice.

Approx. H80 x W80 x D10 mm | 35g

HAVE IT HOT: Fill your favourite mug with cold milk or non-dairy equivalent and microwave it for approx. 1 minute (hot, not boiling). Add your sachet of Drinking Fudge and stir or whisk thoroughly until the fudge sauce and the milk have blended together. Return your mug to the microwave for about another 30-45 seconds, make sure it’s not too hot to drink, then simply sit back and enjoy your devilishly different Drinking Fudge.

HAVE IT COLD: Fill a glass with ice, milk or non-dairy equivalent and a splash of cream (optional), add to blender with a sachet of Drinking Fudge and blend to create a delicious frappé. Pour into your favourite glass and enjoy your refreshing Drinking Fudge. (To create a milkshake, omit the ice and just add milk. For a creamier taste, add ice cream or frozen yoghurt instead of ice). Fun things to add: Splash of white rum, chopped banana, shot of espresso...
What will you make?

No Soya Palm Oil Free Egg Free Gluten Free Doesn't Include Nuts Alcohol Free Vegetarian Vegan

Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Handmade Caramel (25%), Vanilla Bean Paste, Water, Sea Salt (0.8%).

Nutrition: Average Only Per Serving (one sachet in 200ml soya milk) Energy 191 kcal, Energy 807kJ, Fat 4.2g, of which Saturates 0.8g, Carbohydrate 29.9g, of which Sugar 22.6g, Protein 7.4g, Salt 0.36g. 

Per Serving (one sachet in 200ml cows milk) Energy 219 kcal, Energy 921kJ, Fat 3.4g, of which Saturates 2.0g, Carbohydrate 39.7g, of which Sugar 32.4g, Protein 6.8g, Salt 0.48g


For Allergens, see in BOLD. Not suitable for Nut and Peanut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. Free From artificial flavouring and colouring. Gluten free. Vegetarian friendly. Vegan friendly.


Keep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Average only Per 100g
Energy (kJ)1467
Energy (kcal)345
Fat (g)0.1
of which saturates (g)0
Carbohydrates (g)85
of which Sugar (g)63.9
Protein (g)0
Salt (g)0.81
June 30, 2022
Bought as a gift.
June 21, 2022
Sheer Luxury; can't wait for another occasion to spoil someone.
May 24, 2022
Was purchased for a gift and am told it was lovely
February 23, 2022
February 5, 2022
January 31, 2022
Amazing - would definitely recommend!!
December 31, 2021
Very tasty
December 18, 2021
My personal favourite!
November 5, 2021
Not tried yet but judging on the quality of the classic
September 27, 2021
Not tried yet
July 7, 2021
Something special.
June 27, 2021
Loved this one, I need a case full
May 13, 2021
All of these are great
April 30, 2021
..just not a fan sorry!
April 16, 2021
I'm saving these for a rainy day. So excited to try them!
March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021
February 26, 2021
So silky! Beats any hot chocolate!
February 23, 2021
I haven’t tried this yet, but will give it a go soon.
February 22, 2021
Lovely, unusual drink
February 5, 2021
not tried yet
February 3, 2021
Love these drinking fudge sachets, they are a really nice treat to have during the colder months!
January 5, 2021
January 5, 2021
January 1, 2021
Super Tasty! It was a gift and recipients enjoyed it a lot
January 1, 2021
Made a great milkshake
January 1, 2021
November 12, 2020
Loved the salt
October 6, 2020
Really tasty! Wonderful vegan selection of drinks and fudge - got it as a gift
September 30, 2020
Sooooo good and a wonderful change from hot chocolate. It’s very tasty and works well with plant based “milk”. Have already received my next delivery of these.
September 30, 2020
Sooooo good and a wonderful change from hot chocolate. It’s very tasty and works well with plant based “milk”.
September 21, 2020
Heaven in a mug
July 13, 2020
Love all the flavours, a cup of deliciousness.
June 22, 2020
June 11, 2020
Great drinking fudge
June 11, 2020
Haven't tried this yet but am very much looking forward to it. It is not powder like I expected but more of a syrup consistency.
June 4, 2020
Just the right amount of salt
June 3, 2020
even though I'd picked the hottest day ever to have it delivered it was a Perfect little pick me up
May 29, 2020
May 26, 2020
It's just syrup
May 20, 2020
Its like a super indulgent hot chocolate!
May 18, 2020
the sachet contents were easy to stir into a mug of hot milk and the salty caramellness came through well
May 14, 2020
my personal favourite
May 5, 2020
Was okay? More like hot chocolate than fudge sadly
April 16, 2020
Not yet drunk
April 15, 2020
April 15, 2020
Sure it will be nice!
April 13, 2020
Like heaven in a mug
April 13, 2020
Like heaven in a mug
April 13, 2020
Like heaven in a mug
January 4, 2020
Pairs perfectly with warm milk for a lovely fudgey drink
January 1, 2020
These were gifts, but the recipient said they were wonderful.
January 1, 2020
Stocking filler great gift
January 1, 2020
Stocking filler great gift
January 1, 2020
Stocking filler great gift
October 1, 2019
very nice and one of my faves of the drinking choc selection
March 25, 2019
This was ok but I expected it to be chocolate lol didn’t know it didn’t have chocolate in it
September 29, 2018

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