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Like to have fudge delivered direct to your door every month?

As the saying (definitely) goes... "Give someone fudge and they'll eat for a day. Buy someone a Fudge Kitchen subscription and they'll eat for once a month for up to a year - nice!" Fudge Kitchen Department for the Deliberate Misremembering of Famous Quotes

Get started by choosing your preferred delivery, or your favourite fudge...

Classic Slab Fudge

It’s the stuff you buy in our shops! Our traditional 1830’s whipping cream fudge for maximum creaminess.

Butter Fudge

All the richness of mum’s homemade butter fudge, this is the fudge found in our luxurious selection boxes.


Pick one of our monthly fudge subscriptions and not only will you get regular, great value fudge but you’ll also become a member of Fudge Club. The first rule of Fudge Club…tell everyone you have ever met about Fudge Club. The second rule of Fudge Club? No Dentists.* It’s great being in our club. You get 10% off everything we sell and there’s hardly any chanting or nude dancing by the light of the moon.

*Obviously dentists are very welcome. They just have to renounce everything they stand for.

What’s more, for every box delivered we will donate a free meal to someone in need through Fareshare. How cool is that? You get a double endorphin kick! One for feeling like a good person and one for eating your body weight in sugar like a total boss.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick your own flavours, you have to let us do it for you. It’s just a weird little power trip thing we have...as well as meticulously planning the menu to ensure there’s no waste. But we promise to change them every month and there’s always a nice balance of flavours. Surprises are more fun anyway!

There’s really very little point buying someone a generous gift subscription if they don’t know who it’s from. How will they reciprocate?! Don’t worry we’ll include a free gift certificate. All you have to do is choose from a range of designs and tell us when you want it to arrive.

Postage is included in the subscription price. Because what kind of monster makes you pay for something then doesn’t send it to you?

Going on holiday? Being sent away for work? Got ungrateful relatives visiting who don’t deserve access to your stash? Never fear! You’ll receive your fudge on the 2nd Wednesday of every month but if you need to pause your subscription at any time just select the appropriate dates in your shipping calendar and sleep easy my friend.

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We are the UK’s top luxury, artisan fudge retailer and bespoke producer. At Fudge Kitchen we’ve been hand-crafting our original special recipe fudge for over 38 years, using traditional methods and a lot of love. You’ll find our fudge is devilishly different to any that you’ve ever tasted before. It’s made with fresh whipping cream which makes it smooth, soft, creamy and delicious. We also offer our own unique version of Gourmet Butter Fudge (only available online), sublime caramels and crunchy brittles, Luxury Fudge Sauce, selections of Drinking Fudge, Fudge Making Kits and Fudge Experiences at our High Street Shops. Our fudge is made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, is vegetarian friendly and gluten free (unless stated) and may contain nuts due to manufacturing methods. Vegan fudge flavours are available. Read more…

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