Thank you for an awesome fudge making experience today. We had a fantastic time. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We shall be recommending it to all our fudge loving friends!!!
Emma Riddle
Thank you for an amazing fudge experience today :-) we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are overwhelmed by the generous helpings of fudge we got to take home with us!!!
Alexandra Proctor
Another great visit today ???? gotta say your staff are fab and loved the vegan coconut fudge!! Keep it up!
Amy Lawrence
Gregg says: If you’re a fan of fudge, the Fudge Kitchen has an amazing selection of products.
Gregg Wallace
I love a bit of a clever cheat when it comes to summer desserts and this indulgent sauce is great.
Olive magazine
There is something I particularly like about fudge … It appeals doubly so when it comes from the Fudge Kitchen; it sells a gourmet riot of handmade different fudgey products … in all the flavours Wonka could have imagined.
Sam Muston
Passion, enthusiasm and quality ... what’s absolute class here is that there is no skimping on ingredients, but you can tell by eating the fudge that this is quality and there’s love that’s gone into making it. This is all produced from the heart.
Richard Phillips
Fudge Kitchen are offering true innovation in the premium chocolate sector, where there has been an explosion of chocolate brands with very little differentiation…
The Grocer
The only problem is which one first...?
Luxurious Magazine
Trust the UK’s largest and oldest producers of luxury, authentic fudge to get it right.
Bride magazine
Unashamed self-indulgence.
Homemaker magazine
This gourmet fudge contains natural ingredients, unique recipes and is sure to tantalise the taste buds of chocolate and fudge lovers alike.
Gourmet Chocolate Reviews
A booming business that’s no fudge.
Food Management Today
There’s a choice to suit most tastes and it makes a lovely, sweet change from hot chocolate.
A Mummy Too blog
Don’t be fooled by the name – there will be no sharing.
Gingey Bites blog
They had a very luxury feel … I felt like I was unwrapping something very special.
Kev’s Snack Review blog
Fudge Kitchen bridge the gap between fudge and high chocolate.
Confectionary News
Fudge Kitchen continue to expand the range in still more innovative directions.
Big Hospitality
The Fudge Kitchen fudge has only grown in popularity. Demand has steadily grown for such lovingly created products.
I’m in my absolute element and the Fudge Kitchen Home Kit ticks every last one of my boxes.
Pocketful of Rye
A beautiful gift for someone you really want to impress.
Life in Kent
Once bitten is forever smitten.
Sweet Retailing
I’ve never seen fudge presented in this way before, and I couldn’t wait to tuck it … it oozed luxury, a proper treat … a gift for a chocolate lover when you want to get something a bit different.
Food Stuff Finds blog
I must say it is a really dreamy drink. It has a lovely soft smooth taste that is really luxurious and rich … the perfect drink to keep out the winter chills.

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At Fudge Kitchen we’ve been hand-crafting our original special recipe fudge for over 35 years, using traditional methods and a lot of love. You’ll find our fudge is devilishly different to any that you’ve ever tasted before. It’s made with fresh whipping cream which makes it smooth, soft, creamy and delicious. We also offer our own unique version of Gourmet Butter Fudge (only available online), sublime caramels and crunchy brittles, jars of Luxury Fudge Sauce, selections of Drinking Fudge, Fudge Making Kits and Fudge Experiences at our High Street Shops. Our fudge is made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, is vegetarian friendly and gluten free (unless stated) and may contain nuts due to manufacturing methods. Vegan flavours are available. Read more…

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