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Rich Chocolate and Orange Fudge

Some partnerships are made for each other. Delicious chocolate and orange is surely one of them, and there's a real life story behind this one. Our M.D's grandfather used to love a Terry's Chocolate Orange at Christmas so she bet him our expert fudge makers could make a fudge that tasted even better.  Boy, did they do a good job!

Rich Chocolate & Orange is an indulgent and sophisticated blend of classic chocolate flavour fudge, laced with the sweet yet tangy juice and rind from real oranges.  It is made by hand to an authentic recipe originally from 1830, using traditional methods to produce our uniquely smooth texture. 

So, when you bite into the outer crust you’ll experience a mouth-watering soft chocolate fudge centre with a fruity orange taste to savour.

Our fudge slices are just as generous in size as they are flavour. Each slice is generously hand cut and weighs on average 175g.

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