Lemon & Ginger (Dairy Free Vegan)

Lemon & Ginger

We believe in fudge for all, which is why we’ve created our unique Dairy Free fudge. Our special vegan and dairy free fudge has the same delicious flavour and mouth watering texture as all our other fudge flavours, but does not include milk, cream or any other dairy product. (Dairy Free fudge contains granulated sugar, salt, soya cream, and glucose syrup). This makes Dairy Free fudge ideal for fudge lovers who are lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy, are vegan, or are on a special milk free or dairy free diet. All our hand made fudges are also gluten free.

Our Dairy Free fudge comes is available in thick generous slices weighing on average 175g each. 

At Easter and Christmas time, other dairy free versions are also produced so a 4 slice selection box of mixed flavours is available (if you'd like details, just call us on 01303 86440001303 864400 and we'd be delighted to give you the next 4 slice box production scheduled).


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