Vanilla Toffee Liquid Fudge (RRP £4.50)

Best Selling Flavour!

Traditional Toffee fudge established itself as our most popular flavour over 25 years ago and has worn the favourite fudge crown ever since.  This was our first ever fudge sauce flavour and has become our best seller.  

Scoop straight from the jar! Can you resist?

Made in our Canterbury store , our Manager Mikey is an expert in creating our smooth and creamy fudge sauces. Once you have opened a jar of our Classic Toffee we find it almost impossible to resist simply scooping it from the jar and savouring its sweet and creamy taste that melts in your mouth.

Fancy a fudge fondue ?

On those chilly evenings we all want an indulgent treat. Try warming a jar of Classic Toffee fudge sauce and use it as a fudge fondue. Use stawberries & biscuits to dip into it or if you are feeling extra naughty try sticks of dark chocolate!

x1 jar 235g

Deliciously Yorkshire
Produced In Kent Local Food Advisor Deliciously Yorkshire

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