Drinking Fudge Caddy


A gooey, fudgey drink hot or cold. Drinking Fudge is a luxurious treat. From winter warmer, stirred into hot milk, to an indulgent milkshake swirled with ice cream or a summer frappé blended with crushed ice with and cold milk... the only limit is your imagination.

Richer, creamier and so much easier, just snip the sachet, squeeze and stir into milk for a decadent drink of unrivalled richness and smoothness. Less of the hassle, more of the flavour, none of the mess. Just unashamed self-indulgence, inviting you to sink back, shake off the day and salve your soul.

This ultimate luxury Drinking Fudge Gift Set contains 32 sachets of our decadent drinking fudge, offered in a high quality, gilded, solid presentation box with how-to instructions included.

The set contains:

Each envelope contains a gooey sachet which is then squeezed into warm milk, or blended with crushed ice / ice cream / frozen yoghurt. Have fun with your drinking fudge and try adding your favourite toppings – squirty cream or marshmallows are delicious!

The perfect gift for an adventurous foodie, fudge or hot chocolate fan.

Deliciously Yorkshire
Produced In Kent Local Food Advisor Deliciously Yorkshire

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