It takes practice and skill to make the perfect fudge but don’t worry if it doesn’t go quite right, just re-boil your mixture and try again. Below are answers to the most common problems but if you’d like to know more, call your nearest shop and ask an expert or find out about our fudge making master classes.

"The fudge doesn’t set – it becomes heavy and sticky"

Usually this means that your board was not warm enough when you poured out. Refer to re-cooking instructions, warm the board, increase the temperature by 1°F and start Step 2 soon after pouring.

"The fudge doesn’t set – it remains liquid"

Usually this means that the fudge is undercooked and the boiling temperature was too low. Fudge is affected by humidity so on a rainy day for example, increase the boiling temperature slightly to compensate. Refer to re-cooking instructions and start by increasing the temperature in increments of 2°F.

"The fudge is too hard"

In this case the boiling temperature was too high so the fudge has set but the texture and the shape are not as they should be. Refer to the re-cooking instructions and start by decreasing the temperature in increments of 2°F.

"Improve the shape"

Re-read the instructions and watch the video advice online. Make sure you have a tidy rectangle at the end of the creaming stage, before you begin shaping. Don’t push too hard on the side and shape each side to the middle and not beyond. When the fudge is setting, don’t be tempted to overwork the fudge or it will tear. And remember, you can re-cook your fudge and practice makes perfect.

"Improve the texture"

If the fudge is grainy, make sure to brush away any sugar crystals from the side of the pan during cooking. Remember to warm your board by running under hot water before you begin. Make sure your board is clean and doesn’t have anything on it that might encourage the ‘seeding’ of the fudge.

The longer you take to cream the fudge, the creamier the end result will be. Fudge that sets really quickly is more likely to be grainy.

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