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At Fudge Kitchen all our fudge is hand-made in our seven High Street shops across the UK, using a recipe dating back to 1830.

Only the finest natural ingredients are used, with no artificial preservatives or additives. You can see our fudge-making experts at work every day, simply visit any of the Fudge Kitchen Shops.

<-- Here's one the fudge makers in York prepared earlier.

 The Fudge-Making Process

Our fudge is made in approximately 10kg batches and is boiled to temperature in a huge copper cauldron. It is then poured out onto the 5ft marble tables to be hand worked until set, sliced and left to cool.

It is the texture of our fudge that really sets it apart from other fudges.  Using whipping cream instead of butter, and hand beating our fudge until it is completely set, allows us to produce a very creamy, smooth product.

Make our Fudge Yourself

If you feel up to the challenge of making our delicious fudge yourself, you can buy one of our new Make at Home Kits and give it a try in the comfort of your own kitchen. Each kit contains the main utensils and ingredients you need to make up to three batches of our delicious fudge.

Alternatively you can book a Fudge Making Session at one of our shops, ideal for small groups, parties or special events.



The Fudge Experience

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