Smooth & Creamy Drinking Fudge

Delicious Drinking Fudge

Drinking Fudge is a brand new and exciting product concept that we have seen fly off the shelves in our own shops. Intrigued by this innovation, we find that customers are as keen to taste the product themselves as they are to introduce their friends and loved ones to it by buying it as a gift.  Each envelope contains a sachet of a gooey, creamy liquid fudge which is then added to hot milk to make a truly decadent hot chocolate drink or cold milk for the base of a delicious milkshake. Availiable in different presentations and selections, we are continuously working on new ideas and flavours to add to the range.


Classic Selection

The Classic Drinking Fudge Selection contains 6 enveloped sachets of a smooth and creamy drinking fudge. The box has been designed so it can be put on the shelf either front facing or back facing as each has a different yet striking design.

Flavours: Classic Chocolate, Tangy Orange, Moreish Mint, Mocha Choca Madness, Dreamy Coconut and Gorgeous Ginger 

Christmas Selection

The perfect Stocking Filler! This selection contains two seasonal special flavours: Indulgent Irish Cream and Winter Spice .

Flavours: Classic Chocolate, Tangy Orange, Winter Spice, Moreish Mint,  Gorgeous Ginger and Irish Cream.

Drinking Fudge Gift Set

A fantastic gift all year round , our Drinking Fudge Gift Set can contain any 6 flavours you like! They are arranged so you can see the top of each sachet which shows the flavour  The set contains 6 sachets of Drinking Fudge aswell as a branded latte glass and packet of marshmallows.

Flavours: Any 6 flavours

Christmas Drinking Fudge Gift Set

This set contains the same items as the standard Drinking Fudge Gift Set but contains the 2 seasonal flavours.

Suggested Flavours: Classic Chocolate, Tangy Orange, Moreish Mint, Mocha Choca Madness, Dreamy Coconut and Gorgeous Ginger  

Sachets Loose

Our sachets are availiable to buy loose in 8 different flavours and make fantastic impulse purchases . We suggest placing them next to the counter for maximum impact.



Deliciously Yorkshire
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