• Build your own box of fudge, fresh fudge delivered to your door


    This is the ridiculously creamy, hand-made fudge you can buy in our shops. Simply pick your flavours.

    Build a box of fudge 
  • Light and Fruity Fudge Selection, fresh fudge delivered

    Fudge Selections

    Take the drudgery out of fudgery and choose a set selection created by our experts.

    View selections 
  • Gift Finder

    Need a gift that says…“I’m amazing at giving gifts”…? Our handy box-checking device makes it easy.

    Find the best gift 
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  • Butter Fudge Selections

    For those who worry that our Slab Fudge might accidentally be a bit too healthy….we threw a load of butter in it.

    View butter fudges 
  • Caramels & Brittles

    Soft caramels and crunchy brittles. Good for those with or without teeth. 

    View confectionery 
  • Fudge Sauce

    We picked the best flavours and then took away the need to chew. 

    View sauces 
  • Tempters

    A variety of our smaller bites - add a little taste of something with your order

    Add a taste 
  • Fudge Kitchen Apron front


    Those extra bits that don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories 

    View accessories 
  • Coconut Ice, vegan gifting

    Vegan Gifts

    Shop delicious plant-based confectionery and find perfect gifts for the vegan in your life.

    Vegan Confectionery 
  • Fudge Experiences

    Fudge Making Experiences

    Come and hang out with us. You can make a mess and eat unlimited fudge.

    Fudge Making Experiences 
  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift E-Vouchers

    The ultimate passport to a world of delectable delights! Delight your loved ones with the gift of choice.

    View e-vouchers 
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