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Light and Fruity Slab Fudge Selection

Light and Fruity Slab Fudge Selection

Behold, our fanciful fruity fudge fiesta – a selection so classy, it wears a monocle! We've packed this assortment with light and fruity flavours fit for the most refined taste buds in town.

You won't find just any plain old fudge here; this is the haute couture of fudge indulgence! It's like a fancy tea party for your mouth, complete with tango-dancing fruits and a top-hat-donning troupe of toffees and caramels.

The selection contains 5 delicious slices of slab fudge, see details below. This is a fresh product that will perish, the shelf-life is 2 weeks, please consider this if ordering as a gift or special occasion and set an advance delivery date at checkout if needed.

Approx. H80 x W140 x D140 mm | 900g

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✓ Gluten Free ✓ Palm Oil Free Contains Soya Contains Egg ✓ Does Not Contain Alcohol ✓ Vegetarian Not Vegan
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What's in the box?

  • Clotted Cream - Think fruity scones, sweet tangy jam, and rich clotted cream; whether you’re in the jam or cream first camp, there’s no mistaking that clotted cream is a thing of beauty.

  • Sea Salted Caramel - A modern classic. We’ve been waiting for the sweet and salty bubble to burst for some time now, but clearly this flavour isn’t going anywhere. 

  • Strawberry & Blaack Pepper Fudge - Because we’re all uneducated peasants in the fudge kitchen we heard ‘strawberry and black pepper’ and did a comic book style ‘w-w-whaaaat?!’ But then someone explained to us that the fragrant, floral notes and slight heat of freshly cracked black pepper perfectly compliment the natural sweetness of strawberries…..or something. Either way, this one’s new and we are super fans!

  • Sherbet Lemon Fudge - You know how sometimes you’re confronted by the mind-numbing repetitiveness of existence? You know, when the big grey void inside is bigger and greyer than usual? Well, this fudge will help with that. It turns your face inside out a bit. Mmmmmm zesty.

  • Coffee Caramel Frappe Fudge - The white leather sofa of fudges, this flavour melds the suaveness of bitter coffee, the velvety caress of white chocolate, and the sly, buttery slinkiness of caramel. It's not just a fudge, it's a lounge-worthy confection that reclines in sophistication.

All our handmade fudge is made using the finest natural, vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free ingredients, mixed to an authentic original recipe dating from 1830. Each slice is individually wrapped before being placed in a gilded presentation box.

Add a personal message free of charge at the checkout for an extra opportunity to tell them how wonderful they are. This is a fresh product that will perish, the shelf-life is 2 weeks, please consider this if ordering as a gift or special occasion and set an advance delivery date at checkout if needed.


CLOTTED CREAM FUDGE: Sugar, Water, CLOTTED CREAM (8.61%), Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Dark Brown Soft Sugar, BUTTER, Dextrose, Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste, Sea Salt

SEAL SALTED CARAMEL FUDGE: Sugar, Water, CREAM, Glucose Syrup, Dark Brown Soft Sugar, Invert Sugar, Dextrose, Toffee Goo (1.77%), Sea Salt (0.71%)

STRAWBERRY & BLACK PEPPER FUDGE: Sugar, CREAM, Glucose Syrup, Inverted Sugar, Fresh Strawberries (3%), Dextrose, Vanilla Bean Paste, Salt, Black Pepper (0.1%).

SHERBET LEMON FUDGE: Sugar, Water, CREAM, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Dextrose, Lemon Zest (1.39%), Malic Acid, Sea Salt, Turmeric.

COFFEE CARAMEL FRAPPE FUDGE: Sugar, CREAM, Water, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, White Chocolate (SOYA), Dextrose, Toffee Goo (1.24%), Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste, Coffee Granules (0.50%), Sea Salt, Coffee Beans Ground (0.17%).


For allergens, see in CAPITALS. Produced in an environment which handles Peanuts and other Nuts. Free from artificial flavouring and preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarians. Gluten Free.


Average only Per 100g
Energy kJ 1497
Energy kcal 354
Fat 5.4
of which saturates 3.1
Carbohydrates 76.1
Sugar 71.9
Protein 0.7
Salt 0.5


Our fresh fudge keeps for up to 10 days, but whether you can wait that long is another matter. It freezes very well, simply wrap each slice (or the whole box) in foil or plastic to seal it. To defrost, leave in the wrapping for at least 2 hours.

Please do not refrigerate, this affects the texture and flavour. Our fudge is best stored at room temperature.


We agree that fudge is the best thing in the world, but there’s no point it being the best thing in a world that is melting and covered in plastic. We therefore try to minimise our environmental impact as much as we can. Please reuse or recycle this box when you are finished with it. To find out more about what we do, visit

Recycle BOX, LEAFLETS Paper Recycle
Recycle GREASEPROOF Paper Recycle
Recycle STICKERS Paper Recycle

Fudge Kitchen only uses cardboard derived from certified sustainable forests. If you do not have access to recycling facilities, please return this box to a Fudge Kitchen shop, we will recycle this box for you.


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Passion, enthusiasm and quality ... what’s absolute class here is that there is no skimping on ingredients, but you can tell by eating the fudge that this is quality and there’s love that’s gone into making it. This is all produced from the heart.

- Richard Phillips -

  • A gourmet riot of handmade different fudgey products … in all the flavours Wonka could have imagined.

    Sam Muston

  • If you’re a fan of fudge, the Fudge Kitchen has an amazing selection of products.

    Gregg Wallace

  • Literally the tastiest and smoothest fudge I have ever eaten! It’s sublime, literally addicted!!

    Dom Morrison

  • Can’t beat the Fudge Kitchen. We enjoyed ours so much that we made it “Fudge O’Clock” at 3pm each afternoon.


The Real Deal.

This fudge is legit. Each flavour is carefully made using natural ingredients and no preservatives. We boil up each batch in a huge copper pot over an open flame, which makes us feel like wizards. Hot fudge is then poured onto an Italian marble table to cool, where our Fudgemeisters flourish huge spatulas with wild abandon. This is the secret to our signature smoothness. The cooled ‘baguette’ of fresh fudge is cut into generous slices, firm on the outside, soft and creamy in the centre. Just the way it should be. But don’t listen to us – judge our fudge and see for yourself!

Build your own box of fudge, fresh fudge delivered to your door

Caring For Your Fudge.

Our slab fudge is freshly made and should keep for up to 10 days stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place… probably. I mean, no one has ever been able to resist it long enough to call our bluff. But if you seriously want to keep your fudge longer than that, wrap it in foil or an airtight box and pop it in the freezer. DO NOT REFRIGERATE, though – it just doesn’t like it.

Committed to deliciously good chocolate.

The chocolate used in our fudge and confectionery is made to a special recipe using Columbian Fine Flavour Cacao. It is produced collaboratively to improve farmers’ livelihoods and to build economic, social and environmental prosperity in the communities where it is grown.

  • Always Handmade

    For nearly 40 years we’ve been perfecting the art of sugar confectionery, everything we make is hand-worked, cut, or decorated by hand. We’re a small-batch producer at heart and want to keep it that way!

  • Always Natural

    You can’t have a quality product without quality ingredients; it’s all about the detail. Our product is made using only natural flavourings and colouring, and ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

  • Only the Good Stuff

    All products are gluten free, vegetarian, and contain no preservatives. We also make sure that all our recipes are 100% palm oil free. We are proud to carry over 20 products bearing the Vegan Society seal of approval!

  • Always Innovative

    We have a dedicated product development team constantly hard at work, not only to discover new and exciting confectionery from traditional favourites to exotic infusions, but how we tackle the big sustainability questions too.

  • Forests First

    We only use FSC / PEFC certified board for product packaging. The FSC is dedicated to promoting responsible forestry and certifies forests around the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards possible.

  • Quality & Kindness

    But it’s important to us that everything we add doesn’t take away from the bigger picture! We use only plant-based inks and water-based glues, and limit foiling to ensure recyclability.

  • Planet Friendly

    Continuously working hard to improve the recyclability and compostability of our packaging. This year we launched a new range of fully compostable-packaged products in our shops throughout the UK. The small amount of plastic packaging we use is made of recycled materials.

  • Giving Back

    We support a number of causes and initiatives that aim to tackle both social and environmental issues close to our hearts. This year we've already provided over 800 weeks of community support for older people, and have raised funds to plant more than 1,300 trees.

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