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Rewilding Britain - Support Environmental Projects

Rewilding Britain - Support Environmental Projects

The first and only country-wide organisation in Britain focusing on rewilding and the amazing benefits it can bring for people, nature and climate.

Since 2020 we’ve raised over £5,500 for environmental causes around the world, including planting more than 2,500 trees in areas affected by deforestation. Eager to address ecological struggles at home, we’ve partnered with Rewilding Britain. Rewilding Britain is an exciting, innovative charity that promotes rewilding as an effective answer to some of the big issues - climate breakdown and species extinctions, as well as localised flooding and soil degradation. Through their work, they aim to support a sustainable ecosystem for us all to enjoy.

Find out more: About us | Rewilding Britain

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Giving a Fudge.

Our purpose has always been to make life sweeter: to make nice things and make things nicer for everyone along the way. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Read our 2021-2 Impact Report

Making life sweeter.

Nearly 40 years ago we introduced an unknown concept to the UK: creamy, premium fudge, handmade in small batches, using traditional techniques, all-natural ingredients, and decorated individually by skilled artisan hands. We haven’t stopped trailblazing or innovating since, and never compromise on any of our core values.

Our Business is built on 3 strong pillars:

  • Product

    Continuing to create amazingly tasty products by embracing change, improving productivity, and spreading the word of fudge all around the world. No one does it quite like us.

  • People

    Our fudge family are a highly-skilled, fun-loving bunch. We want to keep it that way by continuing to nurture individuality & progression, so we can deliver a unique, joyous, and genuine experience to all our customers.

  • Planet

    Challenging ourselves to actively do more to find ways to reduce, repair, reuse, recycle and replace to minimise our environmental impact and give back wherever possible. Making nice things and making things nicer along the way.

  • Always Handmade

    For nearly 40 years we’ve been perfecting the art of sugar confectionery, everything we make is hand-worked, cut, or decorated by hand. We’re a small-batch producer at heart and want to keep it that way!

  • Always Natural

    You can’t have a quality product without quality ingredients; it’s all about the detail. Our product is made using only natural flavourings and colouring, and ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

  • Only the Good Stuff

    All products are gluten free, vegetarian, and contain no preservatives. We also make sure that all our recipes are 100% palm oil free. We are proud to carry over 20 products bearing the Vegan Society seal of approval!

  • Always Innovative

    We have a dedicated product development team constantly hard at work, not only to discover new and exciting confectionery from traditional favourites to exotic infusions, but how we tackle the big sustainability questions too.

  • Forests First

    We only use FSC / PEFC certified board for product packaging. The FSC is dedicated to promoting responsible forestry and certifies forests around the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards possible.

  • Quality & Kindness

    But it’s important to us that everything we add doesn’t take away from the bigger picture! We use only plant-based inks and water-based glues, and limit foiling to ensure recyclability.

  • Planet Friendly

    Continuously working hard to improve the recyclability and compostability of our packaging. This year we launched a new range of fully compostable-packaged products in our shops throughout the UK. The small amount of plastic packaging we use is made of recycled materials.

  • Giving Back

    We support a number of causes and initiatives that aim to tackle both social and environmental issues close to our hearts. This year we've already provided over 800 weeks of community support for older people, and have raised funds to plant more than 1,300 trees.

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Looking to the future.

There’s always room to improve, and we understand first-hand how tricky it can be to navigate the minefield of operating a sustainability-driven business, but to us, it’s worth it! We’re an innovative bunch and relish the challenge!

We’re always looking for ways to do better and are keen to get into the nitty-gritty and learn how we can be more responsible at every level of the business. Our passion for leaving a positive impact comes from our customers, our people, and a drive to genuinely make the best fudge in the world. It’s that commitment that is always at the heart of everything that we do.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or feedback with us. You can reach us via