Bespoke Order Pricing & Terms

Easily place your order on our website for a swift and seamless process. Alternatively, delve into the details below to customise your order, and feel free to reach out to our event organiser to discuss your corporate or wedding requirements.

  • To secure an order for your special day you can make a £50.00 deposit and then firm up the details of flavours nearer the time. By making a reservation you will be able to take advantage of today’s price and be protected from future price rises.
  • Minimum order quantity (Not applicable to sculptures.): Slab Fudge Favour Twists 25 units / Butter Fudge Trio Sliders 15 units / Confectionery Favour Sliders 10 units.
  • Discounts are available on orders of 150 units or more. (Not applicable to sculptures.)
  • A minimum two-week notice is required prior to the scheduled dispatch date of your order.
  • Full payment of your order is due before delivery or on collection.
  • Delivery is not included and is dependent on quantities ordered and is by next day or international carrier.
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Fudge Sculptures

wedding fudge sculpture

Impress your guests and create your own fudge masterpiece sculpture in a range of flavours using our mini slices.

Get creative! Use our mini size slices to create your own fudge masterpiece that will be appreciated by all your wedding guests. The Fudge Cake pictured here was created using 130 mini slices of Vanilla Fudge, and Strawberries & Cream Fudge.

Each sculpture is made using our traditional and unique sugar-crafting technique, honed over nearly 40 years of loving fudge making. Our artisan fudge begins life by being poured onto Carrara marble tables and the liquid sugar is hand-worked to produce a supremely creamy and rich texture. Once set, our generous, thick slices are arranged into an impressive sculpture, and decorated to fit your theme.


  • £145.00 Wedding Cake (Slab Fudge Slice 75-80g x64)
  • £275.00 Wedding Cake (Slab Fudge Slice 75-80g x130)
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Fudge Favour Twists


A single mini slice favour in a beautiful twist. Add a fancy finish with your choice of ribbon and personalised message. Approximate weight 75-80 grams.

Your favours don't have to cost the Earth; we hand-produce your chosen fudge in mini slices and wrap them in a compostable and biodegradable clear film. We then seal the twist with a paper tie and decorate it with an optional biodegradable ribbon. These twists have a wonderful light-reflecting quality that will make your table setting truly sparkle.

Add a ribbon for extra effect, available in a wide range of colours. The tags add that finishing touch, allowing you to give your guests a welcoming message, showcase your brand, or use them as place settings.


  • £3.00 Slab Fudge Slice (no wrapping)
  • £3.50 Slab Fudge Twist
  • £3.60 Slab Fudge Twist with Bespoke Tag
  • £3.80 Slab Fudge Twist with Ribbon
  • £3.90 Slab Fudge Twist with Ribbon & Bespoke Tag
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Butter Fudge Favour Boxes

wedding fudge sculpture

Our world-famous gourmet confectionery, handmade by artisan confectioners in the Kentish countryside, presented in a slider and adorned with a ribbon of your choice to create indulgent table favours.

Available in unique all-natural flavours of caramels and coconut ice, presented in a sustainably sourced sliding box, and decorated with a biodegradable ribbon. This modest selection is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding table or gift bags.

Sliding Box Favour Prices

  • £4.00 Trio Gourmet Butter Fudge Box (66g)
  • £4.20 Trio Gourmet Butter Fudge Box with Ribbon (66g)
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  • £4.50 Trio Coconut Ice Box (66g)
  • £4.70 Trio Coconut Ice Box with Ribbon (66g)
  • £5.30 Caramels (x12 pieces) Box with Ribbon (72g)
  • £5.50 Caramels (x12 pieces) Box with Ribbon (72g)
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Ribbon Colours.

  • Red (20)
  • Cherry Red (27)
  • Yellow (10)
  • Orange (44)
  • Mink (93)
  • Baby Pink (23)
  • Cerise Pink (26)
  • Olive (57A)
  • Forest Green (59)
  • Light Brown (76)
  • Purple (63A)
  • Navy (39)
  • White (14)
  • Gold (54B)
  • Silver (05)

Brittle & Caramel Sweet Table


Available as bulk purchase for sweet tables. Mix and match to offer a variety of delectable delights for your guests. Brittles are supplied in clear sealed bags, and caramels and fudge  in flat, sturdy boxes, ready to be decanted to your table display.

Immaculate confection … each ingredient is uncompromisingly sourced and meticulously balanced against each other. Every recipe is original and every batch is handmade by a small, artisan team, available in unique flavours including, Butter Fudge, Rock Salted Peanut Brittle, Honeycomb, Crumbly Fudge, and a decadent Raspberry Coconut Ice.


  • £12.90 Sweet Table Confectionery (Brittle / Honeycomb / Crumbly Fudge / Coconut Ice) 250g e
  • £16.20 Sweet Table Caramels 250g e
  • £16.00 Sweet Table Butter Fudge per 15 pieces / 330g e
  • Discounts are available on orders of 1kg confectionery packs / 1kg packs of caramels / 990g of butter fudge or more.
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Get in touch.

If you’re planning an event or you’re seeking the finest handmade confectionery for your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is made up of event planners, artisan confectioners, designers, and many more, who strive to ensure your experience is always exceptional.